AnticR Info

AnticR Policies

AnticR is a private social network where members can meet, share, develop projects, and transmit information with people who share common interests and values. The points of interest that our members share are the liberal and fine arts. AnticR is a club for those who believe that beauty and sensitivity help people to be more human and to make their lives better and bigger. At a time when art has become a big business, marketing an engine for celebrity, and buying expensive works of art a social banner of financial success, we think that the essence of art needs to be remembered, transmitted and celebrated. At AnticR our members behave with each other as “gentlemen and gentlewomen” which means that they try to develop in their human consciousness motives higher than simple self-service. Our members are art lovers, art collectors, artists, and art professionals from many different countries. These are people who would like to be actors of the world in the making. AnticR allows them to use the technologies available today to achieve this goal.

What AnticR proposes:

  • Communicating through virtual boards and virtual groups
  • Sharing your artworks and preferences with others
  • Accessing private databases (art works, artist, auction, art events, stolen works …)
  • Acquiring artworks that correspond to your interest
  • Exchanging art works
  • Visiting private collection
  • Lending or borrowing art works
  • Sponsoring artists
  • Sponsoring Events
  • Visiting privates estates
  • Organising private museum visits
  • Meetings for events in New York, Paris, London, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Dubai
  • Developing our club in universities
  • Services for restoration, conservation, insurance of artworks

AnticR is a non-profit organisation

AnticR functions by donation. There are no membership fees.
All the information given by our members is private. AnticR never sells or uses this information for commercial purposes. Member information is recorded in crypted databases.

Our members are chosen by an admissions committee. The same committee is entitled to revoke privileges of member disrespecting our policies.